The Lyric Mean Of Matisyahu

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There is a Jew singer that the lyrics are very 'flicked'. Is Matisyahu, American Jewish men who can combine between rap, reggae, to traditional Jews. The combination produces a very impressive music.

Since its debut six years ago, Matisyahu has released three successful studio albums and one instrumental album. The first album entitled, "Shake Off The Dust ... Arise" is very thick with Jewish culture. This album is more suited categorized as 'religious album'. The song "King Without Crown" which became hits on this album in the lyrics implied on what's in the Talmud. In addition, the album is 'Jewishness' is shown also by the names of the songs that speak Hebrew, like "Aish Tamid" and "Short Nigun". I myself was quite impressed on Matisyahu vocal on the song "Short Nigun". Favorite song on this album is "Warrior".

The second album, released Matisyahu "Youth" which also became hits on the album. Album "Youth" may be more 'hard' rather than the first album. This is shown in the lyrics Matisyahu flicked explicitly what has been done by Arabs, especially those philistines on the land they occupied. "Late Night in Zion" is my favorite song on this album. In the lyrics of the song Maisyahu said: "We've been here since the beginning not going away, not going away". Then on the song "Jerusalem", Jerusalem Matisyahu explains in detail that has been promised to the Jews.

In addition there is also the song "Youth" which may be focused on youths philistine who likes to take up arms and fight. However, not only young philistine, the song "Youth" is actually dedicated also to all youth with a variety of characters.

A year later, came the third album "Youth Dub" which is the only instrumental album from Matisyahu. On the album there are ten instrumental tracks that are remixes of the two previous albums.

And the fourth album from Matisyahu titled "Light". This album is slightly different from the two previous albums. More Matisyahu brings messages of peace. Matisyahu began to take off Jewishness in every song on the album "Light". Cash, Matisyahu was more a lot of rage from various circles. In fact, "One Day" which hits the menjulangkan meruapakan name Matisyahu, serve as the official anthem of the Winter Olympics in Canada. The song "One Day" promote global peace is very, very different from the previous songs Matisyahu.

In addition to the songs are interesting, Matisyahu appearance on stage is also different from the rapper / reggae others. Matisyahu looked like a Jew who will do the worship. With a typical hat of the Jews who always stuck in my head and thick beard that resembles the rabbi made his appearance more unique.

Apart from the existing kontorversi, it's time we listen to music without giving religious opinions of the lyrics are there. I only listen to music, do not understand or believe. Those who are very much disliked by his Lord. The lyrics matisyahu show about freedom in his music to appreciate, but still pay attention to the rules that are universal such as racial. None of the lyrics Matisyahu openly insulting people or certain groups.