Waiting in Every New iPhone launch

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iPhone is one of Apple's product creation that is shocking the world when first appearance in 2007. iPhone is also very popular and in demand in worldwide sales. Historically, the iPhone has some design and technological developments. Let's See the historical development of the iPhone from the beginning until today.In 2007, Apple's Steve Jobs and company
introduced their first iPhone.
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iPhone first series had only the default application features can be added without a third-party applications developed by the developer. So this kind of first-generation iPhone can not be used to download new applications. Even so, the iPhone's first series was immediately sold over 700 thousand in the first week after launch.

iPhone first seriesThe next year 2008 was introduced by Apple's iPhone 3G. 3G iPhone is a gadget that has the most sophisticated technology at that time. With the additional presence of the App Store when it has about 10 thousands pieces with a total application downloaded 300 million times. Increase in the appeal earlier version, the iPhone 3G up to one million units sold in its first week.

iPhone 3G
In 2009 released iPhone 3G with an increase in performance, especially graphics. iPhone 3G is a development of the iPhone 3G series. Although coupled with graphics performance, the technology used is not much different from the previous tenkologi iPhone 3G. Total application time was there 85ribu apps in the App Store download total reaching two billion times.iPhone 3GIn 2010 Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone 4. In terms of design, features, and specifications, the iPhone 4 experienced a very significant change from the previous series. According to the data, in 2010, a study reveals even one of seven people who have a smartphone using the iPhone. iPhone 4 iPhone with record sales of 1.2 million units sold in first week of release.

iPhone 4
In 2011 the iPhone 4S who had a similar fate with the iPhone 3Gs. Have a design that is identical to the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S equipped with many latest technologies such as camera resolution 8-megapixel lens 5, A5 chip which has a speed of up to 2x A4 chip and the graphics are more speeding the process up to 9x. No fewer than 4 million iPhones sold in 4S its first week of release. Currently according to claim Apple is already more than 500ribu apps in the App Store developers have paid up to more than 3 billion dollars as part of an agreement for the 70-30 on the App Store.

iPhone 4S
And in May 2012, Apple will launch its latest series of iPhone 5. Info obtained from the media outside the iPhone 5 will carry the latest service iCloud and using IOS operating system 5. Can not be explained clearly about the sophistication of the iPhone 5 ini.Namun terms of design, the iPhone 5 has a more slim and elegant. The screen on the iPhone 5 is also larger and has an LCD screen without the edge. This LCD without edges that are characteristic of its own for the iPhone 5.

That development of the iPhone from year to year. Can not wait for the emergence of the latest series iPhone next year, may have design and more sophisticated Traffic. Thank you Steve Jobs has created a product that is fun for us.
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