Bobbi Kristina in hospital

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That she "doesn’t want to live any more" and has now been put on "suicide watch, Whitney Houston’s daughter has reportedly told people close to her. She has been hospitalized twice since her mother was found dead in a hotel bath on Saturday and her family is concerned that Bobbi Kristina Brown, 18, might try to kill or at least harm herself.

The Daily Express reported, She is being cared for by relatives and they are making sure she is not left alone. The only child of Whitney Houston’s marriage to music bad boy Bobby Brown, Bobbi was said to be inconsolable. Houston, 48, died from an apparent overdose of anti-anxiety pills and sedatives before she slid underwater in the bath at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. Bobbi was downstairs in the hotel lobby when her mother collapsed and died in the fourth floor hotel room.

Police had already sealed off the room and would not let her in to see the body when she rushed upstairs. A distraught Bobbi got into a screaming match with police and was taken to a nearby hospital. On Sunday she was said to be "hysterical". Relatives took her back to hospital and she remained there for several hours. To fly to LA to be with his daughter, her father Bobby Brown missed a concert in Nashville.

Bobbi Kristina hospital