Let's Talk About Hemorrhoids

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Trigger factor Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids can be caused by the following things below so need to watch out for and avoid:

Too much sitting
Chronic Diarrhea
Descendants hemorrhoid sufferers
Unusual sex
Disease that makes pushing the patient
Constipation / chronic constipation
Emphasis return venous blood flow,

Healing Hemorrhoids In Western Medicine
1. Drug stool softener. Can reduce constipation and stretching that accompanies it.
2. Sclerotherapy injections given to patients who have bleeding hemorrhoids. With this injection, the swollen veins replaced by scar tissue.
3. Rubber band ligation. Hemorrhoids in the great and not react to the injections Sclerotherapy, tied with Ribbon Rubber. This method, called Rubber Band Ligation, Hemorrhoid causes to wither and drop out without pain. The treatment is performed with an interval of 2 weeks or more. It may take 3-6 times of treatment.
4. Hemorrhoids can also be destroyed by using a laser (laser destruction), infrared light (infrared photo coagulation) or with an electric current (electro-coagulation).
5. Surgery. Surgery is performed when other treatments fail.

Hemorrhoids Prevention Efforts
Efforts to prevent hemorrhoids is to avoid being hit by adopting a healthy life, ie eating fibrous foods in sufficient quantities such as vegetables and fruits to avoid constipation, exercise regularly, avoid straining, do not sit too long and move-move the sitting position. In general, treatment efforts are given to overcome among which the hemorrhoids without surgery, relieve pain, reduce swelling, regulate bowel movements and soften the stool.

Tips for Hemorrhoids Sufferers
To get rid of hemorrhoids completely should you run some tips to cure hemorrhoids as well as consulting with your doctor.
1. Run healthy lifestyle
2. Exercise regularly
3. Eat fibrous foods
4. Avoid too much sitting or hanging out in the loo / toilet
5. Do not smoke, drink alcohol, drugs, etc.
6. Do not engage in sexual activity that is not fair
7. Drinking enough water
8. Do not stop urinating and defecating
9. Do not like excessive rubbing and scratching anal
10. Do not push / mengeden / ngeden excessive
11. If you do not want to poop / chapter should not be forced
12. Sitting bath in warm water
13. Take medications as directed by your doctor