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In ancient times the sun's deification is typically found in
countries whose culture is rather high. Sun
as a light source and the source of life. The sun god
Japan's Amaterasu, the sun god in China,
Quetzalcoatle in Mexico and in Peru.

God Apollo or Dionysus among the Greeks (Griek),
Hercules among the Romans, Mithra among the people of Iran
(Persian), Adonis and Atis in Syria and Phrygia (Anadol),
Osiris, Isis and Horus in Egypt, Baal and Astarte Samus in
between the Babil (Babylon) and Carthage, and so on.
All of the sun god was born about September 25
December of a virgin in a cave, and called
The Light-Bearer, Intermediaries, Interpreters-Congratulations, Liberator, and
so on.

Mithraism, as recognized by the St.. Jerome, gradually
pressed in Rome and Alexandna (Alexandria) by
Christianity. Tertullian confirms the fact that
Mithraism disappeared after the Church took over the colors
of Mithraism.

Furthermore, Tertullian says that the scholars of his day
regarded as Mithraism with Christianity except in
about the name.

Padri Farrar in his essay "Life of Christ" says
that no satisfactory argument for setting
Jesus' birth on December 25. Bijbel silent in
this case, although mengkisahkan in Luke 2:8 "Then it dijajahan
There were some shepherds, who lived in the desert
keeping the animals at night time friend. "This
exclude accept the December 25 as the date
birth of Jesus (Christmas), because December is
peak rainy season in Palestine, when where not
there is an animal friend or shepherd in the evening on
the fields of Bethlehem.

Christmas was originally celebrated on 6 January (Epiphany),
but in the years 353-354 Pope Liberius change it to 25
In December. There was no sign of Christmas celebration at all
until the fourth century. Only in the year 534 by the tribunal's Day
Christmas and Epiphany counted "Dies Non."

Church Griek until now celebrate Christmas on 7
In January. It was not until about the year 533 a monk Scythia
named Dionysius Exiguus, chairman of the monastery and astrologers in
Rome, assigned to set the date and year
the birth of Jesus. He did not give reasons
authorize it to set December 25 as the day
Christmas, but the exact date is the date that
expected from the birth of many gods of the sun. God
sun Mithra was born on December 25. Osiris,
Egyptian sun god, was born on 27
In December. The sun god Horus and Apollo on the 28th
In December.

As for the year set by the monk Dionysius Exiguus
these, in the century IX turns out that the monk was wrong
several years, and recognized that Herod died in 4 BC
According to the Gospel written by Matthew 2:16 King Herod, to
eliminate the possibility of Jesus being "the king of all
Jew, "decreed that killed all children aged
2 years and under. Thus the birth of Jesus must
pushed back at least to 4 S.M. Now, the
scholars, choose 5 or 6 years S.M. as a chronicle of
more suited to the story from the Gospels of mutual
contradictory. Some historians stepped up
years 8 and 10 S.M.14

Even so, every Muslims believe the Prophet Isa
and his Gospel, may celebrate birthday of Isa al-Masih, and
obliged to invite everyone to take part in non-Muslim
celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. as sermons in order to
they know Islam.

Christmas which means birthday, birth, as in the term
Dies Natalis (Birth Day), is one of the words,
for example: schools, churches, cheese, butter, etc.
the language we inherited from the Portuguese, who are
Roman Catholic and who began to come into our country at the end
XV century

It is clear that Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ
which is commemorated and celebrated in the churches and
the houses. Commemorated by a pious Christian
with idol-worship and prayers, by giving each
gifts, and so on. Celebrated in the places where dance and
bars with drink-liquor by the layman who
indifferent to religion.

As with other ecclesiastical celebration, also Christmas
replace the pagan celebration of the people (ignorant). Day of birth
actually the name of Jesus Yesyua origin, and its Arab
Jesus, no one knows. At times it is not
habits of ordinary people recorded the day of birth or day of death
one. Jesus' family are simple people, and
his disciples were fishermen, and not usually be
read or write.

Children of Israel, ie Jews, use the calendar
qamariyah (maanjaar, lunar year), rather than years syamsiyah
(Zonnejaar, solar year).

At first coming of Jesus on earth (Epiphany) is celebrated
on January 6. In some countries, including in
Armenia, the birth of Jesus is still celebrated on the date

Digesernya to December 25 is due to the influence
from the Roman calendar, which called on it "dies
invicti soloist "which means" day of the god (deity) of the sun
(Mithras), which had been defeated. "Jesus is suppose as
"The sun of truth" and "light the world." December 25
was the birthday of Mithras, originally the god of the sun
Iran which then worshiped in Rome. Sunday calls
also Zondag, Sunday, Sonntag, the solar day, day of the church,
replacement on Saturday.

Also there who think that Christmas is a substitute
of the feast of the Roman "Saturnalia" (from 17 to 20
December), or replacement of the celebration of the ancient German "Joel"
(Usually 12 days, and at that time must be peaceful
really should not be disturbed), and this opinion because
much the same ceremonies: Joel bread so
Christmas bread (kerstbrood).

Christmas Day on December 25 for the first time
celebrated in the year 354 in Rome and in the year 375 in
Constantinople and in the year 387 in Antakia (Antiochie). Bak
cattle food, manger (crib, kribbe) with the child Jesus
placed in the church when the celebration of Christmas began in the century
VIII, and kribbe placement in homes, post-St.
Franciscus of Assisia celebrate Christmas Eve in the woods
Grecio in the thirteenth century

Most ceremonies are derived from the custom in the time
Ignorance such as gift-giving, "Hulst" sort of bush
or trees forever green (Ilex aquifolium),
branches of the tree mare (Viscum album) for casting out demons
or evil spirits from the stables, and Christmas trees (Kerstboom),
is the tree with ornaments and candles diperelok or
the lights.

The atmosphere, at the time Jesus was born, who is described in
Gospel written by Luke 2, does not fit the circumstances
actually, because in Palestine in the season it is not
there are people like the shepherd in the desert at night. Also
census of Caesar Augustus dititah not be able to be
justified from the point of history.

In summary, the celebration of Christmas is a syncretism,
mixing, where the elements of fiction (fiction) and infidels
there are more than the elements of history.