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WordPress is one of the blog platform that is widely used today, WordPress provides many facilities and freedom for bloggers to modify and install plugins. Maybe this is the one factor that makes WordPress much liked by the bloggers. What exactly is the difference between WordPress and Blogspot, where the location of the advantages and disadvantages of each. To see this let us try to create a blog on WordPress.

To start a blog on WordPress we must first create an account in WordPress. Isikanlah data requested on the registration form. The thing to remember is the email address must be valid, because this is the password via the email address we will be given. Gimme a Blog option meaning is: if we choose is the name of the user that we use will be part of our blog URL address later.

Example if the user name is my name then entered the URL address we will be If we choose Just a username, please point: we can configure your blog URL address manually later.

Important: WordPress does not like Blogspot which provides an opportunity for us to change the blog URL address, once the address is made ​​then we can not change it anymore. Therefore consider carefully in determining this URL address.

Tip: look for the blog URL address that is memorable and appropriate to the topic of the blog. Click the Next button>> if you've set the options.

After we click the Next button>> WordPress will send your username and password to log into the email that we inputkan previously. Open the email and look for the name of the sender, if no email is wait a while.

While waiting we can enter data on the form shown next, click the Save Profile button when done.

Now check your email again, usually emails sent already to WordPress. Open and click on the link provided to activate the account you just created. Then the display will appear that contains a notice that our account has been activated.

Now we can login using the username and password provided. Enter your user name and password, click the Login button. Next we will be brought to the front page of WordPress.

To go to the Dashboard look for the dropdown menu labeled My Account. Then select the Global Dashboard. Dashboard is our main panel to set the various issues related to the blog.

Now we can begin to regulate various matters relating to the Blog via these Dasboard screen. From the side view of WordPress was indeed more pleasant and comfortable to be seen. It also became one of the factors that make WordPress preferred.