How To Make Easy Youtube Videos

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Simple make videos in youtube, take a little time to you to do.
It is simple to upload a video to YouTube. You can either create an account via YouTube or use your existing Google one – the links to set up an account are on the top right of the YouTube homepage. If you're using YouTube, make sure to choose the HTML5 version at, so you can watch videos without proprietary Flash. Movavi Video Converter can convert your video to YouTube-compatible formats in no time.
It even includes special presets to adjust your movie for sharing on YouTube.

Hand Brake software can convert DVD videos to MPEG4 (MOV, MP4) compatible video files in few clicks. These converted video files can directly be uploaded to Youtube just like WMV or Windows AVI files. Many people send YouTube an already compressed video, similar to what you'd put on your website and are disappointed when they see the quality that results on YouTube.

For uploading, aside from paying uploaders and partners, users are still limited currently to the 10 minute duration max (hint- you can actually upload 10:59) and the 1GB file-size restrictions. However, if you upload a video originally exported to an HD format, these videos are being converted retroactively by Youtube.