Follow Steps Adding Watermark Word


One way to give the seal or mark on the legality of a document is to add the watermark. Watermark is a faint writing or writings of water, can also be images that exist under the original writings. By adding a watermark to the document, the document is said to be truly original belonged to a person or a particular company. For example a charter award of a particular institution, another example is a letter contract, lottery tickets, tickets and
many other examples.

Watermark than useful for the legality, can also be used to give certain marks on a document. Instance document is only for example, can also for a document as a draft, and so forth.

How to give Watermark in MS Word 2007, you can follow the steps below:

Open the Page Layout ribbon menu then in the Background group click Watermark, and Select Custom Watermark

In the window that appears select the picture watermark if the watermark is an image or text watermark if the watermark in the form of writing. Set the text, colors, fonts layout and then click OK