This Referee Led Match In Drunk Condition

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Many ways unique, weird and funny at the world of football. In the Czech Republic for example, there is a match, led by a referee who was in a drunken condition.

The referee's name was Thomas Fidra. He led pertadingan very incompetent, ranging from running staggering, often fall by itself, to remove three red cards for no apparent reason.

A policeman finally get into the field and bring Fidra to the sidelines to do the sobriety test. The result, according to newspaper reports from the Czech Republic, known Fidra has an alcohol content in his blood reached 1.94 percent.

"The smell of his breath like a beer while in the warehouse and he did not hide the fact that he was celebrating his birthday," said Karel Dusek, officials of the club Jestrabi Lotha. Organisers of the game can not stop the game because the referee was able to lead the game.

The two teams who competed also can not be boycotting the game because they could disanksi. As a result, both teams agreed that if the game will run poorly, aka sober for 90 minutes.

Fortunately, the Czech Republic Football Federation understands the situation and decided to cancel the results of any on the game and will repeat the action. As for the referee in charge, has been prepared on duty suspended for 12 months.