How to quickly get Pregnant

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One of the things these days are often asked by couples who are planning a pregnancy is it necessary to do medical check-up before the pregnancy?

Pre-Pregnancy Check Up is actually an important first step performed when the couple are preparing for pregnancy. Even in western countries there, Pre-Pregnancy Check Up is considered a necessity.

By doing Pre-Pregnancy Check Up this, we can prevent the occurrence of abnormalities and abnormalities of the fetus to be conceived later, given the state of maternal health during pregnancy will affect the fetus. If indeed at the time of Pre-Pregnancy Check Up abnormalities are found, then this condition can be fixed in advance so that when the time pregnancy, maternal health conditions are already in excellent condition. When her health, her baby is sure to be healthy. In addition to the known problems early, and business processes to achieve a pregnancy becomes much easier and faster.

Any test that is usually Guide on Pre-Pregnancy Check Up? Because Pre-Pregnancy Check Up aims to evaluate the health condition of mother and partner / husband including lifestyle that affects health, then the test / check conducted generally include:

* Family Health History

The test starts from the check blood type, rhesus, diseases that have suffered, and congenital abnormalities (if any) experienced partner or family member. If found the presence of diseases such as epilepsy, diabetes and high blood pressure, your doctor will perform a special treatment in mothers during their pregnancy. Likewise, the presence of congenital abnormalities, the doctor will perform further tests to see whether the possibility of decreasing the potential fetus.

* Pet Health Conditions

Test the BMI (Body Mass Index), too fat or too thin so that the opposite is required a special diet. Tests of reproductive prospective mother and her partner / husband, check the condition of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, whether free of myom and the like. Check the quality of eggs available for fertilization, quality and movement of Sergeant Major that allows for conception.

* Drugs that Are Used

Presence or absence of drugs or supplements that are consumed regularly by the expectant mother / husband who is considered harmful to the fetus candidate. If there is, then the doctor will prescribe drugs that are safer alternatives.

* Possible Required Vaccinations

Blood tests to see the possibility of infecting Torch in connection with a lifestyle that lived (presence of pets, eating vegetables / raw meat, undercooked steak, salad, sashimi). Before pregnancy, couples should certainly be free of this virus. If it is necessary to vaccination, then the doctor will do at least one month before pregnancy prepared.