Avoid the following 4 things on the desk

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Most of us spend at least 5 hours a day at the computer. Sitting glued to the table as long as it is not surprising that complaints of back pain, stiffness, stomach until the pain is often the complaint. To change it, should avoid the following 4 things on the desk.

1. meal

Not only because the work table to be one nest of germs, but mixing the meal with a time of work can mess up your diet program. Eating without awareness, because your brain is busy processing a job, can make you mengasup more food. Therefore, when it came time to eat withdrew from the desk and look for places where you can focus on the content of the plate.

2. crossed legs

You probably never thought about it, but when we sat down often automatically direct the feet crossed. This little habit led to greater pressure on the foot. The result is pain in the back. Therefore try to sit with good posture.

3. Tightening the earphones sound

Set the volume that loud in the earphones to be one bidder lazy and bored at the office. But make sure the volume is not to damage the eardrum. If the neighbor next to your desk sampi can hear your music being heard, it means the volume is excessive.

4. It never breaks

Having completed the task that has not really made ​​him uneasy. But should it not a reason to not leave the table for hours. Moreover, various studies have linked dangers of sitting too long with overall health. Thus, a maximum of two hours once stood and a short stretch with a walk, while resting the tired eyes.