Life Mean by Midnight Rambler

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Humans as social beings, not separated from the activities of community life. Interaction by interaction always lived in everyday life hari.Oleh therefore needed a system for the creation of a harmonious relationship of civil society. However, apparently it is less visible than the people since the beginning until now. Mainly on the importance of a concern for our brothers in need.Concern of the word care,
which means a sense of something, understand.

This becomes an attitude that should be owned by the community. With a caring attitude that is rooted in the liver, then the suffering of others in need can be somewhat helpful. Because as we know, U.S. including the country prone to natural disasters and disasters - disasters such as pandemic disease. Coupled with a very high amount of poverty. So of course the victims and sufferers are very need help from those who are still able to help.

But today has been much discussed and made ​​headlines several mass media about the moral degredation for the younger generation. Judging from the number of violations and the increasing juvenile crime and juvenile behavior is not good. Presumably this is directly proportional to the nature of caring for others in themselves. Degredation make moral sense of concern for declining. Most important is yourself, fool the masses with the suffering of others.