10 Most Popular Shocking Death

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We all do not know when death will pick up, including the silly ways famous people below

1. Aeschylus
Age of Ancient Greece The artist died Because of the Tortoise 500 BC, when an eagle dropped a tortoise upon his bald head right, slanting stone dikirain Aeschylus's bald head, he was killed instantly.

2. Attila the Hun
He is one of the most feared by the Roman Empire 464-453 AD On the eve of her wedding, she was so drunk that he did not realize that his nose had bleed great. Discovered by his own wife the next morning in a state of lifeless with blood flowing everywhere.

3. Sir Francis Bacon
To see if the snow to preserve meat, in the 17th century philosopher / statesman / scientist killed a chicken and then spend a few hours to try new things with the snow to pile up the chicken carcass. When finished with the carcass of hoarding piles of snow, he was then suffering from pneumonia caused by cold and died that same day

4. Tycho Brahe
16th century Denmark., He is considered strange when it will leave a banquet table before the end, when he was dying to pee pee and people in the banquet is then prevented. What can make it and then hold it. As a result of this he became seriously ill before he died eleven days later and the results of the investigation 400 years later declared he had mercury poisoning chloride contained in the bladder then spread throughout his body.

5. Jim Fixx
Best-selling author of 70 best books of The Complete Book of Running touted running and a healthy diet as the key to longevity. He died of a heart attack while jogging.

6. Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I
After going through the desert in the Holy Land in the hot and heavy armor, Roman Emperor Frederick the 12th century are very pleased once he reached the River Saleph, he jumped into the river to quench his thirst. Unfortunately, he forgot to remove his armor is heavy and because it is he then sank bottom of the river.

7. Jean Baptiste Lully
a musician and conduktor 17th century, During practice when completing his last work, was so excited she accidentally jabbed his right foot into the wood conductor. As a result, Lully subsequently died of blood poisoning.

8. Pope Johann XII
Only 18 years old when he died in 963 AD, by the pearl-handled doors are slammed by his fiancee to death.

9. Jerome Irving Rodale
Inventor of organic food and newspaper publisher Rodale when he was interviewed by a television station in the Dick Cavett show in 1971 that he would live to age 100 years.
A moment later, Rodale died 72 years fall of the chair from a heart attack at the event, as a result of the interview was never aired.

10. Tennessee Williams
In 1983, alcohol abuse and drug fatal to an actor Tennessee Williams, he was killed because aspirin is ingested closed in 1983.