Earth Is being Old But still Exist

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Ancestors have long been utilizing trees and herbs are efficacious for save and health care agencies. Earth, already old. Land is old and worn. Earth, the more years of increasingly thinner, increasing the population swells uncontrollably. Our society was once known throughout the world as a nation is a social, manas valley, virtuous, noble character, is now easily ignited, combustible emotions
as if without control and without a role model and guide of life.

Ahead of the 20th century 21st century tremendous progress towards the brink of collapse and the earth.  Lot people already do not believe sin and are not afraid of death and the afterlife. We only pursue pleasure momentary, the heaven of the earth. Fortunately, despite kejepit, we usually still able to entertain themselves with the term "profit". But it seems other than profit is also grace. While many new diseases back and forth in front of the eye, in the yard, in the fields, in the rice field, in the forest, still keeps the earth in the form of a treasure-trove, berkasiat plants and herbs that are very useful.