Setting Modem To keep 3G HSDPA Signal Exist

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Did you ever run into problems that you are not already in the area despite 3G/HSDPA/WCDMA signal, sometimes the modem being used is still only get a signal that is always unstable, in this case sometimes the modem connection was already getting a 3G or HSDPA signal, gradually decrease or transformed into signals EDGE only.

This actually happens because the modem is used only looking for the strongest signal only, so if your modem is a 3G signal was received less than the EDGE signal, then the EDGE signal is chosen.

In comparison, Internet Connection will be faster even if you get half 3G/HSDPA/WCDMA signal than the signal gain Full EDGE. So to overcome this problem, the thing to do is to force the modem to ignore the signal slightly and continue to pick up the signal EDGE 3G/HSDPA/WCDMA. The trick is very simple, namely:

1. In modem applications, click the Tools menu and select Options

2. In the Form Options page, select Network

3. Change in the Network Type to HSDPA only 3G only or WCDMA only atu then click the OK button to save. "For the choice of this setting depends on the availability of modem you use. As an example for my modem is set to WCDMA only ".

Setting the modem above may be different from the other modem settings. so please adjust the settings are different ways depending on the type of modem respectively.

After changing the settings as above, let's see the difference from the previous signal. If I own now always get a signal or otherwise WCDMA HSDPA and never again turn into EDGE or lower.

Ok hopefully with tutorial how to make settings for the modem still can get a 3G signal, or WCDMA HSDPA could be useful