Rose Bowl: Oregon Ducks vs. Wisconsin Badgers


Wisconsin players and coaches say the closest examples of Oregon's quick tempo they have met are Michigan and Nebraska. Alhough, they say, even those teams pick up the pace for only a short time. Antonio Fenelus said he originally had heard a Boy Scout had rescued
a man from choking, not a UO football player.
Karen Cardoso
The Oregon Ducks are slated to take on the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl game. Cantor Gaming currently has the Ducks laying five points on a neutral field, and the total has settled in at 71.5. As is usually the case in shootouts, the game will come down to which team can make more second-half stops, and that's where Oregon's shaky defense will come back to haunt them just like it did against LSU and USC earlier in the season.

According to reports, Ducks senior Mark Asper saved a fellow diner who was choking at the "Beef Bowl" - an annual dinner for Rose Bowl teams - on Wednesday night. The Oregon Ducks' new Nike uniforms, which they will don against the Wisconsin Badgers for the 2012 Rose Bowl this Monday, will be creating plenty of buzz before, during and after the game.

Mon, Jan 2 2012
Rose Bowl: Oregon Ducks vs. Wisconsin Badgers
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