How To Make Cage for Broiler Chicken Village

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Terms cage is good: the distance of cage with the settlement of at least 5 m, no damp, early morning sun can enter and fairly good air circulation. We recommend choosing a slightly shady location and unobstructed by buildings or other walls so that the wind does not blow directly into the cage.

Make steril cages and equipment are carried out regularly as a biosecurity effort by using the proper disinfectant and does not harm the animal itself. Many options types of disinfectants are offered by various manufacturers of drug manufacturing.

Size of cage: there is no standard size cage is ideal, but there are suggestions the cage should be between 4-8 m wide and the length of the cage is not more than 70 m. That need attention is the capacity or the capacity of the cage. Each square meter should be filled between 45-55 tail DOC chicken until the age of 2 weeks, then this is reduced in accordance with chicken age.

The recommended form is the stable form of postal floor covered with litter consisting of a mixture of rice husks, sawdust and lime ± 15 cm thick. Monitor roof model consisting of two sides with the top there are holes for ventilation and material use tile or asbestos roofs.

Maintenance for the chicken in two phases, namely the starter phase (age 1-4 weeks) and finisher phase (age 5-8 weeks). At the starter phase is typically used bok enclosure (with heater) can be a special wall or enclosure also given postal fence. The temperature in the enclosure wall are usually between 30-32 ° C. At the finisher phase cage used as a model ren or postal maintenance broilers.