How to Create Song

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With the advent of many bands ground water, of course, you must have something interesting, unique, and another from the others, be it a song or performance. Well with this band would you jd cool and really different.

Actually there is not a fixed rule in making a song, you understand the origin of the general who first Form2 using that .. Bait usually + Reff, can also have a bridge or other bagian2, understand time signatures using that common reply, .. but it is not absolute, just use imagination you.

Here are some tips on how to make good songs:

1. Be Creative ..! jgn used to mess around with the possibility may be the same with other songs .. Just do it .. after completion .. new review.

2. Try listening to music as much as possible. That way, you will have plenty of references to capital to make your own songs

3. Let the song tell your heart who wants to tell people you / to yourself .. (music should have a life).

4. Find out where the level of musicality until you ... trying to make the song .. then categorized into musics around you! whether you are at track mainstream or indie.

5. Do poor theme. you can take reference from another band or artist.

6. Do not always ngikutin bands that are already big. Commercial does not mean you have chimed in another band. But to start from the reference band is also okay.

7. Do not always ngikutin songs again ngehits.

8. The combination of personnel should be there you'll enjoy. For example if a guitarist good you, you you tonjolin little ability guitarist.

9. If already have a unique music, the lyrics do not get weak.

10. Do not think typical. Example, you think kids song you like what college was like yah? Like mother-housewife yah like what?

11. Do not make the song is too idealistic, who just you doang who understand, guns thinking about other people.

12. Never a good song interpret it as a song filled with various instruments. Just with any guitar song can sound good. Remember, good does not mean crowded. Not too means also rich sound.

13. Do not be afraid to hear criticism of the song you. Criticism can actually be used as capital to make a good song you.