Safe and Sound Celebrities

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In the last ten years many Hollywood celebrities who have a 'side job' outside of Hollywood to add to the coffers of their money. One of them with a commercial star.

Payment they received was fantastic for the size of a television ad that only a few seconds. Who are they?

1. George Clooney
This handsome actor starred in the Honda Odyssey ad that played in Japan. But filming the ad itself is done in Milan, Italy. When taking a picture, Clooney has fun with lots of beautiful women. Well paid, by the time filming that was not too long plus surrounded by many beautiful women, many men would envy him.

2. Brad Pitt
Pitt get paid a very large of the giant mobile phone company in Japan, SoftBank, to starring in commercials. In the ad he appeared alongside former Yokozuna sumo wrestlers, Koyo Musashimaru. The ads were directed by Spike Jonze. SoftBank apparently was very fond of Pitt, because commercial advertising is the second time he starred in Softbank ad.

Earlier in the first Pitt's ad acts as a personal assistant Musashimaru. For the second ad, Pitt was still acting as aisten Musashimaru but this time set in a restaurant ad. Cameron Diaz has also starred in SoftBank ads and get paid U.S. $ 3 million or approximately Rp27 billion to work for six hours, is estimated to Pitt gets paid twice.

3. Julia Roberts
This beautiful actress got paid U.S. $ 1.5 million or about Rp13, 4 billion for Lavazza coffee ads for 45 seconds. Whereas in the ad she made no sound at all. In the ad she just stands out as the goddess Venus with clouds background. Then, there is an actor who plays a painter Botticelli, who tried to make her smile. He just smiled as she drank coffee Lavazza.

4. Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz was the star of advertising a center of learning English in Japan, Aeon. Although he Sangata berbahas fluent English but in the ad Cameron pretended to need help to be able to speak English fluently. Prior to Cameron, this ad starring Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.

5. Madonna
BMW M5 ad, starring Madonna and directed to the Swedish public, becoming one of the fans favorite ads such seasoned artists. In the ad, directed by Madonna and her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, Madonna performed with Clive Owen.