Because of Rodney Atkins

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Country singer Rodney Atkins denied allegations that he illegally confining him to face his wife with a pillow in November and also had sent a letter of divorce, her lawyer said on Thursday.

The court indicates that on November 21, Tammy Jo, Rodney's wife who has been married for 13 years with it, call the police and testified that Rodney locked her with a pillow and pushed it in the hallway when he was drunk. The incident took place in front of their children aged 10 years.

Rodney was arrested by police but eventually released on bail.

But attorney Rodney, Rose Palermo, stating that the dispute is not more than quarrels between a husband and wife.

Rose also stated that the wife of Rodney say dishonest.

"Rodney is currently only wanted a divorce. While waiting for a divorce petition, he learned to care for their own children only child.

Through his lawyer, Rodney says "want to have time for herself and thanked the fans because they have supported it, because he believed the truth would be revealed."