This Food are not only delicious

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Yummm ... Who could resist? Moreover, these foods are not only delicious, but also have a myriad of health benefits.

So far, people eat chocolate because it was considered could improve mood and increase energy. True, too. For women, even good chocolate is consumed before menstruation. Magnesium content of chocolate is believed to reduce the risk of menstrual-related syndrome, such as stomach cramps.

Chocolate also contains substances that can slow down aging. Chocolate consumption on a regular basis can reduce wrinkles and protect skin from sunburn.

Chocolate is believed to also as an aphrodisiac that can enhance one's libido. Researchers said women chocolate lovers have a higher sex drive. They revealed that eating a bar of chocolate before sex can give a sense of relaxation and satisfaction in one's sexual activity.

Chocolate makes your teeth hurt? Do not believe it! Brown actually good for teeth because cocoa contains substances that can kill bacteria that cause cavities. If your toothache after eating chocolate, sugar in it was the one who caused it.

However, in between all that is no less important is the cocoa can prevent cancer. Therefore, an effective antioxidant-rich chocolate counteract the free radicals the cause of this deadly disease.

Well, no longer feel guilty for eating chocolate, right