Potentially Eligible Deep Sea Water Consumption

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Researchers stated that the St.Lousiana Agricultural Institute in sea water could potentially be a source of potable water consumption.

According to affidavits PR of academic, Friday (11/25), the researchers included Michelle Cheung, Dr. Danielle Arry, and L Dr Jonson Gaol which is a researcher in the exploration and exploitation of deep sea water (ALD).

When describing his research, Jonson L Gaol stating that the Earth, the planet where people live, often dubbed as the water planet. The nickname was given, because the earth is a planet that has water up to 70 percent on its surface.

Only, he said, the question is whether the abundance of water can meet the human needs to infinity.

"Therefore, to look for alternative sources of water worthy of consumption. Given the current environmental pollution and land use that causes drought, resulting in reduced water consumption and less viable," he said.

According to him, his team conducted research that could serve as alternative sources of water than on land worthy of consumption. Jonson explains that deep ocean water (ALD) with minerals, when processed properly, it is very important and beneficial for the supply of drinking water for the survival and health of the human body.

"The provision of deep-sea mineral water is also an activity that is strategic to anticipate the possibility of clean water crisis in the future," he said.

He said the ALD after the desalination process, also provide a by-product, namely a high-quality salt. In addition, ALD can be applied to a variety of uses, namely for aquaculture, agriculture, cosmetic ingredients, medicine, spa and as an air conditioner.

According to him, one of the advantages of ALD are contain minerals that are very rich and needed by the human body. In contrast to pure water in containers that do not contain minerals.

Because the benefits are very good, then the ALD industry has grown in Hawaii and Japan since about 20 years ago, and since about five years ago South Korea, Taiwan, and India have also developed this industry.

"In Japan alone there are 13 brands of mineral water in the sea as bottled water (bottled drinking water) on the market until now," he said.

He explained that the ALD aspirated from depths greater than 300 meters. This layer is located below the thermocline layer and under layer eufotik.

Water at a depth of about 300 meters is the temperature range from 10 degrees Celsius, clean, nutrient rich, rich in minerals, and stable. ALD condition is different from sea water at the surface (the layer eufotik zone) that strongly influenced the process that occurs in the surface layers such as photosynthesis, pollution, sediment suspension and blooming algae.