Cat Runs and hiding in Aircraft

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A cat named Ripples create schedules Flight 603 Air Canada route from Halifax to Toronto, Canada delayed for four hours. The cat ran away from cage in the cabin, when a passenger going to save the item in the overhead luggage hit and the doors open.

As reported to CBC News, feel free, Ripples ran inside the cabin. Finally flight attendants and passengers tried to find cat that causes delayed flights, temporarily owner's calling on and on.

"It was hilarious. Really. All so busy and cluttered," said a passenger, Kyle Warkentin.

She said a cabin crew announced it is looking for a cat and apologized to the passengers.
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"Then the engine is turned off and all power sources on board turned off. They did that to calm the cat," added Kyle.

Ripples finally found, and be checked if any cables damaged by the action of the cat. Once believed no nothing, finally can be resumed flights to Toronto after delayed four hours.

Air Canada airlines allow small animals brought into the cabin anyway, except for the route flight to Hawaii. Term Condition, the animal must be healthy and stay comfortable during the flight in a cage that is stored beneath the passenger seat.