MOTIVATING children to be more diligent

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MOTIVATING children to be more diligent in studying, doing homework, or diligent help clean the house, a challenge for parents.

In order for the spirit and motivated children, try the following ways.

1. Involved in child

When your child knows his parents are interested in what it does, the child will be excited to invite you to follow the entire process. Children will also be increasingly encouraged to provide the best results. Being a spectator at a child playing in a football game between the schools, for example, make the child realize you are always present with him at various times to give spirit.

2. Help your child design a strategy

Little do not understand well how to build a scale of priorities and find solutions to various problems encountered. Especially when children begin to establish performance goals to reach. Help children develop a plan to achieve targets, and prepare it in the face of obstacles.

3. Parents love to read, children are also

Already go to school, why not read it fluently too? Children may not find a fun read, because they never see their parents reading the book. Children who have never read a bedtime story also tend to be slow in learning to read. If you want to teach children to read fluently, show that you also love to read. Read newspapers, magazines, or anything with a loud voice so that the little know how much fun reading.

4. Celebrate success

When the child managed to get a satisfactory performance, do not hesitate to praise him. No matter how small the success he did, even just making the bed up neatly catapult praise in children. Want to celebrate with something special is also a good idea. Needless festive celebration. Dinner with a menu favorite is also enough to make your baby feel special.

5. Learning while playing

Everyone, children and adults, have different learning methods. Especially for children, provide a method of learning while playing that makes it not get bored quickly. Teaching English through cartoons, for example.