Cat Mummy Found in Old House

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A husband and wife in England was startled by a mummified cat that fell from the ceiling. At that time, both of which are expert home remodeling, renovating an old house was derived from 18th-century ago.

Her husband, Andrew Hartley, was repairing the roof of the house in the area of ​​Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England. But suddenly there was a falling object and the object was a dead cat.

 But strangely, the carcass is still in one piece. Dead cat was also dry and stiff, not like most other animal carcasses.

"This thing is very well preserved, and I think this seems to already be up there for over 100 years. We looked around the internet and apparently this kind of discovery, including very rare," said Andrew as reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (1 / 28/ 2012).

Against this discovery, preservation experts can not ensure 100 percent if the cat is in a state of dead or alive when preserved. However, seeing his position at the ceiling, thought the cat was intentionally preserved while still alive.

According to folklore, there are old habits to put the cat is preserved as a wall decoration in symbol of good luck. The wife, George Hartley confirms this.

"Dead cat was placed in the house to ward off evil spirits. During the renovation process, we also found many dried garlic around the house, this is also a symbol to ward off evil spirits arrival. We do not know whether the cat is placed in the ceiling before he died, but did not have teeth, and this indicates that the cat was already old when it died, or maybe he lost his tooth while trying to get out of there, "explained George.