If You Have Problem With Parents

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Some parents are just very over-protective. I can understand their concern w/ you going out w/ your BF alone, but they shld let you out of the house to see your friends. You need to socialize at your age. It's all part of being a teenager. Maybe you can meet half way w/ your parents. Do you think they'd be willing to give you time w/ your friends if they're there w/ you? This may be the only solution. Otherwise, try to just ride it out. Before long, you'll have your license and a bit more freedom. You still have to respect your parents' wishes as long as you're living under their roof, but it does get better. Your a good kid. Keep it that way.
As children grow up, they move toward a point in their lives where they become adults. They progress from total dependence in their first years of life to a higher degree of independence in their teenage years, when then they gain mobility, the ability to drive cars. Parents may be overly protective of their children and try to limit the degree of independence. There are many dangers that children face as they grow up, including drugs, alcohol, violence in schools, teenage pregnancies and pedophiles, so parents may feel justified in being overprotective. There are, however, side effects of overprotective parenting.