Speaking in Sleep Problem


You may often see couples or a family member speak for themselves while sleeping. People used to call delirium, vocalizations when someone is sleeping, can form words clearly or just murmur.Those who experience it are generally no longer be able to remember what came out when the eyes were closed peacefully.
Nenz Hernandez
Although, some of which have the effect of tired after waking from sleep.The medical world called parasomnias. In addition to talking to herself, which included a category of sleep disorders include sleep walking and bed wetting.An estimated 60 percent of the population in the world have
experienced the period. "Almost all people may never delirious, but no one knows the cause," said Russell Rosenberg, PhD, who is chairman of the National Sleep Foundation of Atlanta, as quoted from everydayhealth.com.

Speaking during sleep occurs in a variety of variations, which are distinguished by frequency and intensity. The simplest factor is the consumption of alcoholic beverages before bedtime. However, it could be due to high fever, psychological stress, and the influence of certain drugs.Although the influence of alcohol can be a trigger, but Rosenberg warned that the sentences spoken during deep sleep is not a reflection of what is going on in her life.

"There is a myth that the secret can be revealed during sleep, it's not true, what they are talking about has nothing to do with reality."SleepIn general, human sleep consists of two types: REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement). REM sleep is not the kind of deep sleep, because with rapid eye movement behind the eyelids.Yet sometimes accompanied by limb movements such as hand and foot, type REM sleep still occurs outside of awareness.

In this type of sleep, the body rested, but the brain still works. Dream or delirium is usually present in the bed of this type.While the type of NREM sleep could be said to be sleeping soundly. In this type of sleep, not only the body is resting, but also the mind. This type of sleep is divided into two categories, Light NREM Sleep and Deep Sleep. Deep NREM sleep Sleep is the type of the highest quality for humans.