5 Best Free Blackberry App 2011

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Create a Blackberry user, indeed, quite a bit applications created and specialize to the Blackberry. Quite a few developers who develop applications that can function in Blackberry Operating System environment.

However, the Blackberry still has several leading applications can personalize the gadget functions and benefits. Well, this time we will discuss 5 Best Blackberry 2011. BB applications are recognized as the best applications for blackberry with a benchmark of the number of downloaders and users.

Jump to the following Best 5 Applications Free Blackberry 2011:

Twitter for BlackBerry
Twitter For Blackberry is a free application that allows you to air ria tweet via Blackberry. With a lighter color scheme, support for local trends, icons Profiles with photos, and faster performance. Application interface is designed very well. Feature found on Twitter for iPhone: Looking for, Follow, unfollow, examine trends, beautiful fonts and multi-functional utility bar.

BOLT 2:52
BOLT is a browser alternative to the Blackberry gadget. Excess Bolt is the ability to display the original form of a site visit, so it seemed like the middle of browsing using desktop PCs. But Bolt advantages than the Blackberry default browser is, kompresinnya a better and faster. Bolt Version 2.5 adds support for video up, the compatibility of HTML5, supports multi tabbed browsing, support Flash Video, and Web chat applications, such as Facebook and Meebo.

Flashlight 2 for 1 Free 1.1.1
This application is very useful for you at times that are important, such as power failure, or was in a dark location, 2 for 1 Free Flashlight able to illuminate where you are thanks to utilize the functionality on the Blackberry camera flash light. Name Flashlight 2 for 1 Free does have two features a flashlight, that is, the bright light from the LED lights on the back of the body, and light from the LCD screen and LED front (if any). Excess Flashlight 2 for 1 Free is the ability to manage and optimize battery power and memory usage when active.

Facebook For Blackberry 2.0
Social Networking Sites No. 1 in the world, the world's largest users, the Facebook application is a must for Smartphone, Blackberry is no exception. Facebook for Blackberry has a new grid-based interface with navigation that is almost similar to the look of Facebook for iPhone or Android device. Facebook For Blackberry could perform activities Chatting on Facebook, there are also features of the Notice and the latest news, function of friend requests, messages, chat, and public notices. Facebook for BlackBerry is available in BlackBerry App World.

Google Maps 4.5.3
Free mobile mapping program from Google is finally appearing for the Blackberry. Featured Google Maps gadget be perfect in this, with various functions such as: search locations, the determination of the distance, and so on. Google Maps application is very suitable for those of you who like to travel.