Crying is the only form of communication a baby with a new world. A baby's cry has many meanings, not just pain and sadness. When the baby grew up, if his soul categorized mental development and healthy, then the fewer babies have a reason to cry and the parents know what is the meaning of the baby's crying.

For new parents, the baby's cries all sound the same. When he started to cry loudly, parents often confused by what is delivered by the baby. Is he hungry, tired, sick, anxious or
needs a diaper change.

Widespread problem when the tears are there meaningful sense of sadness, disappointment and fear. This is where the position of the family as the first educational environment play an important role shaping the personality and developmental maturity of his soul. As adult humans in general, takes the form of support for solace to comfort the baby. Because basically, entertainment is a fundamental need proper food and safety.

Fear Entertaining Babies
In infants, fear is an instinct. Loud shouts of a sudden, abrupt movements and strangers all can cause the child to fear.

At first, calming fears in infants is associated with physical contact. The most effective way is to carry her baby entertained. In infants aged 8-9 months, most children are already studying the forms of expression, if parents give expression calm and not threatened, then the children will also naturally calm.

Entertain baby with arms is a natural reaction of the mother or father. There are some opinions say if the child is too often carried the baby tends to potentially become spoiled. This opinion is not to be taken seriously, give opportunity to the children a quality moment with his parents when he needed it.

There are some moments when parents wisely did not rush to comfort the baby during crying. For example, when a 4-month-old baby woke up and sedkit fussy, parents should give her a few minutes to let the baby try to sleep again. However, kerika baby started crying harder, so that a parent must comfort her before the baby was raging.

Thumb and Dot
Thumb and pacifier to soothe baby's natural reaction. Thumb has a calming effect on infants, because this process led to reflexes which can cause heart rhythm slows and muscles more relaxed. No need to worry if the baby is often seen sucking her thumb, since this activity is an indicator of the child is able to develop other ways to calm down.

Practical Tips Entertaining Babies
Check the first state of diapers, meals or room temperature. If the crying does not indicate the meaning of these things, then try a few minutes holding the baby to calm himself.

Suckling can help soothe babies who are restless. Although it was not hungry, feeding calming effect on babies.
Swing slowly. Rhythmic swing is an effective way to soothe your baby. If a baby cries for more, percepatlah swing rhythm to adjust to his cries.
Hold with a walk around the neighborhood.
Sing the song with a gentle sedative.