Zuckerberg Won the Worst Dressed CEO

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Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, is a name that is win in the field of information technology. However, greatness Zuckerberg, Jobs, or Gates turned out to be not commensurate with the dress code.

A male fashion magazine, GQ, make a list of "Worst Dressed Man in Silicon Valley". The result placed the founder of Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook at the top.
Tara Condell Facebook

Here are some names
on the list of GQ.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Founder and CEO of Facebook is not deemed never look slick in public. Choice jeans or tie Zuckerberg has never been considered inappropriate by her bony body. GQ rate, Zuck appearance as a young billionaire instead tend to always look old. Because of that GQ was grateful Zuck only be a successful entrepreneur in the field of social networking and not in fashion.

2. Steve Jobs

Apple frequently perform a number of breakthroughs in a number of products. However, the appearance of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, was never considered in the up grade. Jobs assessed appear dull in public, with a black turtleneck, jeans fatherly, and shoes sneackers. No AutoCorrect feature that can improve the way the dress Jobs.

3. Bill Gates

Although several years occupied the world's richest man, Gates was never dressed assessed according to the amount of wealth. Rather than an Armani suit, Gates was more often seen in suits sweaters for lazy, or clothing that is versatile v-neck. Certainly no one Gates looking relaxed, but unfortunately this is not accompanied by body proportions that is not very athletic. Curious as to what appearance after Harry Potter from Hogwarts? Look at Bill Gates.

4. Shantanu Narayen

During this time known for Adobe Photoshop software. But the President and CEO of Adobe Systems, which develops Photoshop, does not seem to understand the importance of an image. Shantanu is often seen using oversize clothes. GQ judge it like Nate Robinson (a tiny player in the NBA) are dressed with the size of Shaquille O'Neal.

5. Dennis Crowley

The founder of Foursquare is rated poor due to often appear dressed in the style of the student. Supposedly, according to GQ, which is often used college sweatshirt Crowley used simply to relax on a Sunday or exercise.

6. Reid Hoffman

Hoffman founded LinkedIn judged to be a breakthrough by utilizing social networking for career development. However, Hoffman's appearance in public was always considered to be similar to that which you call the repairman if your cable tv problematic.

7. Tom Anderson

The founder of MySpace is assessed often inappropriate when attempting to combine the dress code. T-shirts are often combined with a hoodie and blazer, Tom makes this list.