A shocking rumor Of Jon Bon Jovi

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A shocking rumor pop rock music fans. Jon Bon Jovi, lead singer of the famous band Bon Jovi have been killed in New Jersey, United States, Monday (19/12). Rocker legendary touted died while undertaking a joint concert with his band.

In the midst of incessant preaching, it turns out Jon's latest photo upload it along with other band members on the Facebook social networking site accounts belonging Bon Jovi on the same day. Apparently, news of the death of Jon Bon Jovi is a hoax, aka lying.

In addition, the singer's full name is John Francis Bongiovi Jr. It also upload pictures of herself in a beautiful Christmas tree to prove if the news is not true. Responding to news of her death, the singer of It `s My Life's just say," Heaven is really similar to New Jersey. "

The news comes from dailynewbloginternational sites that proclaim the death of the singer's famous band. According to the Los Angeles Times, the news of Jon's death was reported with the addition of various spices and different details. The news was actually adapted from the death of the king of pop Michael Jackson.