Hold On Baron Davis...

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The future of Baron Davis is now a post-fired erratically Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wednesday (12.14.2011), the Cavaliers announced it had removed Davis using the amnesty clause (which allows the team to terminate the contract of a player). The regulation also requires the Cavaliers to keep paying Davis's salary during the next two seasons.

The news of this dismissal came after Davis suffered an injury during training with the Cavaliers. Former Golden State Warriors players were forced to leave training camp after a back injury and will miss up to unknown when.

"We say thank you to Davis for his contribution over the Cavaliers. He has been a professional since the day of his coming to this team and we now we expect him to find the best in the future," said Cavaliers general manager, Chris Grant, as quoted by nba.com .

Davis arrived at Cavaliers in February 2011 after three years of defending the Los Angeles Clippers. In his debut with the Cavs, 33 year-old point guard scored 18 points, four rebounds, and five asisst. In those games he was also struck four shots tingga numbers that brought his team to win over the New York Knicks.