The Species Frogs Eat Ants Only

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Dr. Conrad Hoskin of the Australian National University (ANU) and Kieran Aland from the Queensland Museum managed to find two species of frog rock. Two species of frogs are named Toad Rock Katini (Cophixalus kulakula) and hooded Gold Rock Frogs (Cophixalus pakayakulangun).

Name two species, according to Hoskin, derived from Kuuku Ya'u, the local language communities where frogs were found. Hoskin also said that the two frog species are adapted to the environment rocks in tropical rain forests.

"Frogs have long arms, fingers are slender and triangular-shaped finger pads and large enough. These properties make the frog is able to climb among the maze of rocks, "Hoskin said as quoted by Physorg.

"They are only found in rocks and never found in the surrounding environment. Although they are very localized, they are in abundance when encountered. You can sit at the start of the dark and see these amazing frogs emerge from the rocks, "Hoskin added.

Both of these frog species are found in two regions of Cape York Peninsula berbveda. According to Hoskin, not many species can be found in a pile of rocks. In addition to frog rock, there are only a few species of lizards, insects and spiders can be found.

"Two of these species generally feed on ants. They lay eggs on land and berudunya stage takes place in the egg. Small frogs then hatch before finally going into forest areas or rocks, "said Hoskin.

Compared sekerabat frogs, two species is unique because the size is big enough. Other sekerabat rock frog only had a length of 2 cm. Two frog species is also just come out to the rock surfaces when there is rain in the wet summer.

To find these two frog species, scientists need to explore in a wet summer and investigating every rock. According to Hoskin, the proudest of the invention is still a new species in science that can be found in developed countries such as Australia.