Origin Of World In Particle Of God

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You who read Dan Brown's novel or seen the film already titled Angel and Demon dengam certainly no stranger to the term 'God particle' or particle of God.

In the novel and film it, Dan Brown shows how the possible reaction of the clergy, especially the Vatican, if it is true scientists could find God's particle which explains the origin of the world.

And now, what is told through fiction is likely to be real. Researchers at the prestigious research center CERN will claim they are a little longer to find the particle of God. Two teams have claimed these findings.

CERN senior researcher Oliver Buchmueller said they are thrilled with the progress of physics research this time. The trial by trial continues. They expect tahundepan can unravel the origins of the universe, including God particle.

"We are very close to the conclusion God particle," said Bucmueller sepert skynews quoted on Wednesday.

What is the real God particle? God particle is often also called the Higgs particle. This is a chain of particles that scientists have not discovered how the events related to the particle and energy interact. These particles enter into the standard model of physics theory.

How to find this particle? Scientists fired a particle in the opposite direction in the tunnel along the 27 km at a depth of 100 meters from the surface.

The particles fired it will move with the speed of light and they will bertumbukkan in the end. Supersensitive detectors that will measure the results of which form particle battle in it.

6 billion pounds worth of research seeks to replicate the conditions after the creation of the universe 13.7 milliard years ago commonly known by the name of the collision theory or the Big Bang.

In the standard theory predicted, subatomic particles should have no mass. But in other theories, is mentioned, there is an energy field called the Higgs boson and the particles that emerge after the collision. Both of these entities create a sub particle attraction, in other words give the masses.

If this was discovered by scientists so they can determine with certainty through mathematical models, how the workings of the universe. In other words, they find God particle that explains everything.