4 Steps Before You Ask In Forums

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Have you asked on a forum or mailing list computers on the Internet, but not answered by anyone? Or maybe even some teasing you?

Do not be surprised, how you ask can greatly affect the response you'll get. If the way you are right, then in the same forum may actually be people like to be jostled each other to help you.

You just need to put yourself in their shoes (other forum members), and think, about what kind of questions will gladly answer?

Preparation before asking

1. Try to read again the documentation is a good product
2. Try searching for the answer first by searching on the Internet (via Google, etc.)
3. Try searching for the answer in the archives of the mailing list of the product (if the answer already exists in the archives, sometimes people will be annoyed by your questions)
4. And so in essence: do not forget to show that you've been trying to solve the problem tersebut.Karena if you do not include evidence of your efforts, then other people tend to perceive you as lazy and not feel inspired to help you.

Then, find out the right place to ask your question it. Questions about programming will likely be ignored, or instead will invite criticism, if posted on the forums about the hardware.

Cross-posting (posting a question to many forums at once) tends to make people lazy to answer your question

Even if you feel you really need to post that question to several forums at once, then send it as a single email for each forum.