Volcanic Eruption Creates New Island

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According to the newspaper, watching fishermen bursts of lava in the Red Sea, reaching a height of 30 meters, on 19 December. These bursts originate from sea volcanic eruption, which reportedly lead to the emergence of a new island.

Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on Terra and Aqua satellites owned by NASA, observed smoke in the Sea Merahm on December 20 to 22. Meanwhile, the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on Aura satellite detected elevated levels of sulfur dioxide,
which indicate volcanic eruptions.

After the eruption, on December 23, 2011, at the former location of the eruption appears emerged a new island. Advance Land Imager (ALI) on Earth Observing Satellite (EO1) NASA photograph images showing the new island, and thick smoke, possibly in the form of ash and water vapor, which rose from there.

Earthobservatory proclaimed Wednesday (12.28.2011), volcanic activity occurred along the Zubair Group, a cluster of small islands off the coast of Yemen. Lined up along the northwest line to the southeast, the islands poking at sea level and is part of a shield volcano.

Region, is part of the Red Sea Trough where African and Arabian tectonic plates separated from each other, and regularly forming new oceanic crust.