Mom, I Want A Handphone...

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IF the phone was a luxury that can only be owned by some only, not anymore. Even the sight of elementary school pupils (SD) was busy fiddling with the phone is not "rare sight" in the era of all-powerful as it is now.

The sophistication of mobile phone features (HP) is becoming more and more years has various attractive features like camera, radio, games, MP3 and of course internet access.

Then how necessary the children equipped mobile phone? What steps need to Moms do when your child is asked buy HP?

According to Dr. MA Tjut Rifameutia, a psychologist at the University of Indonesia, parents who want to give HP needs to look at the goals and interests. If HP is given by reason of the child or the safety factor for the smooth communication when the child is involved tutoring or extracurricular which there is no access to telephone wires, then parents can just equip a mobile phone.

Similarly, if the location of schools and child activities far enough that in fact will take some time. However, if HP simply 'style-YOUTH"or follow the trend simply because my friends at school also brought posel, parents should not buy the thing!

Undeniably, the positive impact that HP gives children and parents more easily communicate. At times when children need their parents can be easily done, parents were more calm. In addition, children can be more fluent in typing (motor skills).

The desire or need?

Generally the children are interested in HP due to various factors, such as a funny shape or casing, ringtones, games and other features. So, when the child began to "collect" on parents to buy HP, consider whether it wishes the child alone or needs that it was about time you meet.

Do not forget to find out whether the small schools allow students to use HP or not. If the school allows children to use school phones during an emergency, then the child does not need to bring HP to school. Rules imposed on the clock so that children learn in school concentration is not split because she was busy playing the HP, especially if a lot of games available on his cell phone.

Negative Effects

In addition to games that can be addictive, there is still a series of negative effects of cell phone usage. Starting from the possibility of children are tempted to access the images that are not obscene or perform other mischief if HP is equipped with internet.

If the child too much or show the dependence of using HP to communicate, as a result children become less accustomed to communicate face to face alias effect on social skills.

Children also will be less noticed event or events that occur in the vicinity, making it less sensitive. If a child wants to use the phone for reasons of trend or bandwagon friends and parents to comply, then the child will likely have konsumstif properties and show off. As a result the child will always try to ask for his cell phone frequently updated with more sophisticated mobile phone.