In Another's Durian Benefits

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Diseases That Can Overcome with Eat Durian. Hearing the durian that comes in mind is a delicious fruit but evil because super high fat content. But do not be afraid first, if not excessive durian eating can be just the medicine.

Durian most contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Not only that, other substances such as fiber, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, zinc and iron are also there in it.

Due to the high calorie, durian fruit is hot so that patients with diabetes or pregnant women are advised not to eat durian.

Just imagine that in 100 grams of durian contained 147 kcals. That means when a person eats 1 kg of durian, the number of calories that she has received 1470 kcal or are comparable to meal portions for one day.

Durian also contains a lot of sugar even though there are biological manganese can keep sugar levels stable. For pregnant women, durian is believed to be not good because they contain lots of sugar and a little alcohol.

Although no studies that prove that the durian trigger contractions and miscarriage, pregnant women are always advised to not eat too much fruit.

Indigestion can also occur if the durian is consumed along with alcoholic beverages. Research at the University of Tsukuba, Japan and even prove sulfur content in durian can inhibit the metabolism of alcohol and can lead to death.

Well, that's all the dangers that exist on the durian, if eaten too much or be coupled with high-cholesterol foods such as meat or alcohol.

On the other hand, durian, dubbed as the 'king of fruits' is also a lot of benefits that are not only obtained from the fruit but the skin and leaves are also useful. Her skin was able to repel mosquitoes and treat ringworm while leaves are widely used as ingredients for fever.

However, because not many people who eat durian leaves skin especially, benefit from the delicious durian fruit flesh is certainly more readily available.