DAVID Beckham as A Man with Coolest Hairdo

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DAVID Beckham is not only known for expertly dribble in the field, but also a fashion icon that is recognized abroad. Now, the husband of Victoria Beckham has drawn both praise as a man with the coolest hairdo in the world.

During a career in football, men 36 years is often experimenting with different models such as short-cropped hair, shaved, mohawk,
a little hairy, and the final order of greasy hair.

Even so, he chose hairdressing has always managed to steal the attention of the world, including communities. Do not want to miss with his idol, fans also stormed a beauty salon to get hair like her husband David Beckham is.

David deserves dubbed the man with the coolest hairdo in the world. And last hairdo makes the father of four children look very handsome and dandy

Her hair is now cool. Nah weird actually, just a short cutting is made plain neat. Whatever (hairdo) choice, always managed to make it look fashionable, nature and shape of her face that makes it look good hairstyle.