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Yes, I know, I'm as shocked as you are - I feel like my whole life has been a lie. Also I'd heard that cow tipping is specifically an expellable offense here at UC Davis, from a source I thought was reliable (maybe my official UC Davis tour as a prospective student four years ago?) - now I want to confirm whether or not this rule is true in light of the impossibility of its realisation. (I think I'm gonna email the chancellor on this) —Kris Fricke

Cow-tipping is widely considered uncool in this town. It is detrimental to the cows and to the humans involved. I think my very first night in the dorms as a freshman, someone asked the RA about how prevalent cow-tipping was here, and the gave them a firm admonishment. I have never heard of it happening or considered doing it since then. —KayRide

I think Cow Tipping being an urban legend is an urban legend. As for it being cause for expulsion at Davis, I hear so is believing that the word 'gulliable' is in the dictionary. - JonerikStorm