A Kids Story About Cow and Chicken

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A cow named Bobby arrives in chickens house, the area is in a animal garden, owned by Mr.Williams. Mr Williams has a lot of pets, animals, who can talk each other. There, the monkeys is the king, the monkeys always disturb other animals with their brave.

Chicken father is making new house, with hammer on hand and count of wood beside him.

COW : Where'd you get the money?
CHICKEN : We ain't got it. We ain't got no money.
COW : You told them MONKEYS you had it.
CHICKEN : We was... lyin'.
COW : What you gonna do when they come to collect?

Suddenly, chicken father hit the hammer on his hand, "Aaaaauuuwww..."
COW : Hit your finger, huh?
CHICKEN : Huh? Bobby. Snuck up on me.
COW : Heard you done the roof yourself.
CHICKEN : Roof? I done practically everything myself. Roberts boy hauled wood, that's all.
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COW : What's all that wood?
CHICKEN : Porch. I'm puttin' a porch on her so's I can puff my pipe of an evening an' drink my coffee an' watch the sun set.