How World's Children Welcoming Santa Claus?

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Christmas Eve has always been a special moment for families, especially children in various parts of the world. Santa will come bearing gifts for children who do good to all people throughout the year. Each country has different traditions to welcome Santa Claus. The tradition is passed down through the generations from parents to their children, as part of Christmas festivities and joy.
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Children from all over the world have a unique and special way, to attract the attention of Santa Claus, hoping they get a special gift from him.
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America and Canada
Children in the United States and Canada, putting milk and pastries to welcome Santa Claus, his special guests on Christmas Eve. Perhaps they empathize with Santa who has a tough task on Christmas Eve to see the kids well all over the world. A glass of milk and pastries, will please Santa, so they deserve special gift from him.

Food is still the choice of the children greet Santa. Children in Denmark put pudding known as risengrod. This pudding is served for the Tomte, white-bearded figure of myth, similar to the figure of Father Christmas Classic, which came bearing gifts.

In Germany, it seems that Santa Claus would rather read than enjoying the food. Children in Germany laid the letter with the packaging that attracts attention, and mounted in a window on Christmas Eve. In the morning the letter had disappeared, and they get the presents under the Christmas tree instead. The figure of Santa Claus for the German fairy tale taken from Christkind. The children in Germany know Santa Claus as Christkind.

Children in France awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, known as Pere Noel by putting carrot inside the shoe. Santa Claus may not eat raw carrots, because carrots are given special Gui, donkeys who accompanied the French Pere Noel. For the attention of children to Gui, Pere Noel also give kids trinkets as a reward. It seems to attract the attention of Santa Claus, the children are also trained to empathize to a faithful friend to share this white-bearded figure.

Another in the Netherlands. Because Santa Claus comes to see the children in the Netherlands with horses, they were preparing hay and water to meet the needs of both. As a reward for his concern for the children, they also receive chocolate, mandarin orange, chocolate coins and marzipan candies from Santa.

England and Australia
These two countries have the same habit of welcoming Santa. The children prepare a sweet drink made from the typical fruit and brandy mixture, and a piece of pie. This time, it seems necessary parent-child collaborations to prepare it because apparently the party welcoming Father Christmas even more special.

Go to Ireland, Santa's got a dish more special. Being a family tradition for Italians to serve Guinness on Christmas Eve. Without exception, the children also helped to serve drinks to Santa. As a token of appreciation for this bearded figure would drop to Ireland after a long journey around the world.

In Chile, Santa Claus is better known as Viejo Pascuero is also called de Pascua. The old man who comes once a year at Christmas was greeted with a cake made of ginger and honey filled with candied fruit.

Adherents of Christianity in India to welcome Santa Claus Christmas called Baba, by presenting a fried donut made of coconut milk. Santa Claus seems to enjoy the culinary variety through the night, including typical dishes from South Asia.

Japanese children waiting for the appearance of Santa Claus while enjoying a traditional Christmas cake unique to Japan. Namely white cake covered with cream and decorated strawberries. They called Santa Claus as Hotei Osho.

While in the Philippines, the children sleep while waiting for Santa Claus, after previously enjoying Christmas dinner with traditional dishes, nochabuena, which consists of a type of cheese or Queso de spherical ball, and beverages made from chocolate or tsokolate.

In Kenya Santa great meal, because the children of Kenya provides a serving of roast goat. Kenyan society has a tradition of Christmas dinner with this dish.

Moving on from Kenya, Santa Claus to Argentina to enjoy a traditional drink made from apples with alcohol content. Children in Argentina provides this drink to welcome Santa.

Christmas Eve festivity and warmth in the family, especially for children, interpreted by various traditions and procedures vary by country. You can teach children about cultural diversity, or perhaps invite your children to welcome Christmas by adopting some of the traditions are judged accordingly.

How about you, what a special experience when still a child on Christmas Eve, what kind of tradition handed down from your family?

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