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1. Determine the target point, where the fire occurred. Investigate whether the site was a fire or fires have occurred a long time. If you're under fire, found the fire burning. And if the former occurrence of fires discovered craters that could drown the flame of our feet when stepped on. The impact will foot blister.
2. Prepare the following pumping pressurized water adjacent drums. Fill the drum with water sufficient and sustainable.

3. Fit a pressure hose as necessary. When the remote location of the fire, the hose can be connected, up to 5 (five) connection or along the 500 meters. The specialty of this hose is not easily bent, does not concern if it is pulled, the power needed to draw very lightly.
4. Install Spray Wand / Stick Spray. When is a fire, set by mengabut stick spray. The fog which will douse the flames made widely and reduce heat. When the former extinguish fires, set by the form of shooting sticks. Water will get into the crater to the bottom layer, the fire will be extinguished immediately.
5. Both shoes use in each outage activities. Both shoes are able to withstand the heat in the feet and legs to avoid experiencing the blistering heat.
6. To overcome the respiratory problems, use the Masks Standard. Smoke and dust can be filtered, so that firefighters can last a long time to face the fire.
7. While doing extinction, at the forefront should be done alternately. Arrange a timely manner, so that front-line officers can work well.
8. Enable monitoring and liaison officers to inform firefighters, when forward or backward to extinction.
9. Prepare fresh drinking water for workers who need it.
10. Prepare emergency personnel if needed.
11. The new fire place will soon be extinguished if done by nebulization. Heat generated is reduced because the items are fired water vapor absorbs heat. Staff working on the front lines can survive in a long time. Effectiveness outage will take place either.
12. Extinguishing fires at the crater of the former peat fires done by setting the pace stick spray like bullets. Fired water will enter the deep craters and would extinguish the fire as well.


1. Fire suppression in forests, fields and gardens using High Pressure Water Pumps / Pumps Washing Vehicles / Car is very well done. Pressure pump can put out the fire in a wide radius, atomized water to extinguish the fire and reduce the heat generated.
2. With the high pressure pump, water can reach fired craters peat fire in the fire that occurred so that the crater can be extinguished immediately.
3. To reach the target point fire more easily because the hose is pulled shape slim, lightweight, thick, heat resistant and easy tidah thistles and thorns snagged the existing location of fire. Can be connected and connect as needed.
4. Officers who operate more easily and can be protected by a curtain of water mist is sprayed. Heat from fire is reduced, increasing the effectiveness of extinction.
5. Equipment that is transported is not too much and not too heavy.


1. Price High Pressure Pump equipment / Pumps Washing cars is not too expensive. By the time fire season can be used to extinguish the fire. At the time of the season does not burn, they can be used for washing vehicles / cars. If purchased by a family that does not require redundant.
2. Governments should facilitate the community with Fire Extinguishing equipment necessary to provide equipment High Pressure Pumps / Pumps Washing Vehicles / Cars in locations prone to catastrophic fires.
3. It's good we apply, because the fire occurred did not wait for tomorrow. Because all we can do.