The winner of Portland Cat Show

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The winner of Portland's 2012 International Cat Show is a four-month-old unregistered kitten. Jassenia, a chocolate point and white longhair, whose owner, Marilyn McCorkindal hails from Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Canada, was named Best in Show during a finale ceremony Sunday night at the conclusion of the cat show.

She is not registered with the American Kennel Club. Pamela Barrett, show manager, said Jassenia is a household pet kitten, which means her breeds are unknown. The kitten was chosen by a combination of votes from spectators, judges and the audience that attended the Best in Show crowning.
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Barrett said, "The crowd was allowed to influence the judges, there was lots of cheering." including Darcelle XV. McCorkindal and Jassenia received $1,000 in cash and prizes this year's judges for the show were both professional judges and Portland celebrities.