The Brightest Star In The Night Sky

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If you are a fan of the Harry Potter novels, then would have imagined characters Sirius Black, Harry Potter's guardians. But we will not be discussed about this fictional character, but sirius which is the brightest star that can be observed by the inhabitants of the earth at night.

This star is located in the constellation Canis Major or the Big Dog. Constellation Canis Major is located in the southeast of the Orion constellation. Symbolizes the constellation Canis Major is one of the dogs that follow Orion the hunter. Other dogs are Canis Minor and Canes Venaticci.

Sirius name derived from the Greek, meaning Seirios flaming or very hot.

In 1884, Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel concluding that based on changes in motion, Sirius is likely to have a partner. After nearly two decades later the above conclusion has been demonstrated. In 1862, Alvan Graham Clark discovered the couple, later named the star Sirius B, while the stars that we leverage the above named Sirius A.

Sirius A twenty times brighter, is also two times larger than our sun. Meanwhile, Sirius B has a diameter which is almost equal to the planet Earth and a mass of 98% solar masses. Sirius B is 10,000 times fainter than Sirius A.