How To Preparing for Interviews

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Interview is part of the recruitment process has a variety of purposes. Some are intended to better know the applicant possessed the technical skills, know the personality of the applicant, or determine the ability of applicants to handle a variety of things.

Interviews are usually done to complete the written test results. Things that can not be obtained from the written test will be explored through the interview process. In this case, you are required to try to control yourself (especially your strengths and weaknesses). Also trying to master the field of job you are applying.

Find Information and Practice Maybe total

If you have arrived at the interview stage, actual quality, you have met the requirements to be accepted at the company. But you can fail simply due to lack of knowledge about the companies where you apply. For that, you should also try to find out, by finding as much information about the habits of the company. Nothing wrong with you asking the receptionist, security guard, or even to find a parking habits in place.

Interviewer any less like people who are too closed. Try to provide very clear information about what is being asked by the interviewer. Do not be passive, you should actively try to give information. Do not impress you're hiding something, but you also do not be too much and deliver the things that are not relevant. Stay calm and tell the truth.

Make your answer always indicates a strong character, tenacious, and passionate, because any company always likes such people.

We recommend that you practice with a partner to anticipate all possible questions to be asked the interviewer, so that any questions raised can be answered satisfactorily.

Various Conditions
There are times when the interview is also intended to determine your ability to face and deal with various situations. For which this type, you may face the interviewer that you are just going to drop for 5-10 minutes before starting the conversation. Perhaps also he would pretend not to care about and reading the newspaper when you sign in, or he will file a counter-rebuttal that does not make sense to each of your answers, or ask stupid questions about your family, and many other tricks.

Faced with this condition, the main principles which you must grasp is that you really want the job, so that whatever happens you will deal with it well. If you dicuekin, remain to be polite. Say "I'm interested in this work and intends to explain to Mr / Ms why you should consider me for this position."

Do not get influenced by the attitude of the interviewer which may seem strange. Try to remain calm and think positive. Keep in mind you that this is only part of a natural process so you do not need to feel hurt or disappointed.