Barbara Walters... Sweet Virginia

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No one can deny that the late Steve Jobs is a phenomenal figure. His vision was always able to amaze the world and worth it if Barbara Walters of ABC News chose Steve Jobs as the Most Fascinating Person of the year.

Selection of Steve Jobs is actually contrary to own 'personal policy' Barbara Walters that usually only choose those who are still alive in the top 10 most 'interesting' each year. This time was different. The figure Steve was not like most people and therefore Barbara make an exception.

Actually, Barbara Walters has chosen Steve Jobs even since former CEO of Apple is still alive. Barbara chose Steve when he resigned from his post at Apple. Unfortunately, not long ago, Steve Jobs last breath after so long battled cancer that eats away at his body.

"It is unlikely there will be people like him anymore," said Barbara Walters, as quoted from Actually there are nine other names on the list this year but Barbara Walters was awarded the top position in the late Steve Jobs.

In addition to Steve Jobs still no name Simon Cowell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Eric Stonestreet, Derek Jeter, Donald Trump, Katy Perry, Pippa Middleton, Amanda Knox, Herman Cain, and the Kardashian family.