Chemical Force Servs World's Need

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If that's what can be said of the results of a recent study released by a research team led by Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford University. This can be achieved by converting all types of fossil fuel use with renewable energy sources and clean, so the world can leave fossil fuels."Based on our findings, in fact there are no constraints in terms of economy and technology," said Jacobson, who is a professor of civil engineering at the institution. "The question is in terms of
social and political aspects."
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He and Mark Delucchi of the University of California-Davis has written a two part paper published in Energy Policy, in which they assess the price, technology, and materials needed to change the world by design they make.The world they dream will depend heavily on electricity. They need a draft of wind energy, water and sunlight as an energy source, with wind and solar energy contribute about 90% of the total energy the world needs.

Geothermal and hydroelectric energy (electrical energy derived from the potential energy of water) each contribute 4% of the total energy required, and 2% of the remainder will come from wave energy and tidal waves.Vehicles, ships, and trains will be powered by electricity and hydrogen fuel cells. Aircraft may use liquid hydrogen fuel. The houses can use the cooling or heating an electrically powered, no longer the natural gas or coal. Commercial process and the industry was able to use hydrogen or electricity. Hydrogen can be produced from water electrolysis. Therefore, wind energy, water, and solar energy will dominate the world.One of the advantages to be gained from the design freehand Jacobson and Delucchi is the world's energy demand reduction of up to 30% compared with fossil fuel combustion.

Electric and hydrogen fuel cell use is much more effective and efficient than burning fossil fuels.The most obvious obstacle to realizing this design is the material required to build the installation of solar panels and wind turbines. Required different types of metals in large enough quantities, such as iron, nickel, copper, aluminum, chromium, and even rare metals such as platinum.

Also in realizing the ideal wind generators infrastructure needed to provide a large area in order to avoid interference distance and wind turbulence are used."But this design is likely to be implemented, even without the need to use the latest technology. We desperately need a collective decision about how the future of world we want as the world community, "said Jacobson.

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