Best and Worst Italy League 2011

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Apparently, if the size of the standings throughout the year 2011 was Massimilliano Allegri forces at the top. From the data issued during the year standings Football Italia, Milan are in first position by collecting 80 points from 37 matches, followed by Inter who collected 79 points from 39 games, and Udinese with 65 points from 37 matches.

Juventus 2011-12 season in second place, it just was in sixth position in the standings throughout the year. Bianconeri collecting 61 points,
behind Napoli and Lazio.

Inter was recorded as the team scored the most goals in the period January to December 2011. Nerazzurri somewhat helpful to have two more games in 2011 because of participation in the Club World Cup in 2010.

The club with the best defense is held by Milan who recorded 21 times the clean sheet, in contrast to 1 with Udinese. Rossoneri also only conceded 27 goals, 4 goals differ from Udinese. But if speaking half of the season, Juventus can be the most solid team with only conceded 11 goals. Milan itself has conceded 16 times.

For the lowest points, Lecce recorded only collected 35 points, followed by Bologna (39) and Cesena (40). Lecce is also recorded as a team with the worst defense by collecting 65 points followed by Palermo with 61 points.