Ulcers.... Ulcers... Ulcers

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Ulcers are the most common skin infections caused by Staphylococcus bacteria. Boils usually appear suddenly as a pink or red bumps, painful bumps filled with pus and surrounding skin can also become red and swollen within 24 hours.

Ulcers may be acute or chronic skin disease, depending on how long they last. In rare cases, ulcers may be a sign of underlying immune problems other diseases. People with diabetes, cancer, alcoholism or HIV / AIDS and the people are very susceptible to chemotherapy to get ulcers. Chronic ulcers lasts longer and is caused by severe infections and persistent infections and need medicine and a long time to heal.

Boils are generally the result of local infection and can be treated with simple topical application. They only lasted a few weeks and can be treated by using drugs that you can find in your home.

Herbs in fact help in starting the healing process of infected skin in a natural way with minimal side effects. Here's how to cure boils naturally:

1. Garlic and garlic
Garlic and onions have proved most effective among the few herbal remedies found beneficial in the treatment of ulcers. You can apply the juice of garlic or onion in order to speed up the ripening process, allowing the pus from the boils boils flows out and dries quickly. You can also apply a mixture containing equal amounts of onion and garlic on the surface of the ulcer. You can also include 2 or 3 pieces of garlic in your diet to ensure ulcer healing.

3. pare vegetables
We can use a vegetable bitter melon for ulcer treatment. Pare who usually have a bitter taste is an effective drug for ulcers. A cup of fresh juice of this vegetable, mixed with one teaspoon of lime juice can be drunk every day on a regular basis for several months to treat ulcers.

3. turmeric
We can also use turmeric for the treatment of ulcers. Applying turmeric powder on boils or ulcers can accelerate the healing process. In the case of a new ulcer grows, you can burn some turmeric roots, dissolving the ash in a bowl of water and then apply on the affected area. This solution helps ulcers mature and rupture.